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Do Mutual Funds really compound wealth? Look here for the account statement of one of the investor.

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Many people ask about the returns of equity MFs and does it really compound wealth for investors. Given below is the account statement of one of the investors -

Amount Invested - Rs. 9.33 Lakhs

Value of Portfolio - Rs. 40.75 Lakhs

XIRR - 17.88% (for 15 years)

What is most astonishing is the start date! It’s Dec 2007, when the market fell more than 50%, and mid-caps fell much more!

Inspite of the negative/ low returns faced by the investor in the short term, he continued investing for long (more than 5-7 years), and the portfolio weathered all kinds of ups and downs and gave a return of 17.88% p.a.! Yes, Mutual fund sahi hai, par long term mein :)

Pls Note: This is not a fund recommendation!

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