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Do Mutual Funds really compound wealth? Look here for the account statement of one of the investor.

Updated: Mar 22

Many people ask about the returns of equity MFs and does it really compound wealth for investors. Given below is the account statement of one of the investors -

Amount Invested - Rs. 9.33 Lakhs

Value of Portfolio - Rs. 40.75 Lakhs

XIRR - 17.88% (for 15 years)

What is most astonishing is the start date! It’s Dec 2007, when the market fell more than 50%, and mid-caps fell much more!

Inspite of the negative/ low returns faced by the investor in the short term, he continued investing for long (more than 5-7 years), and the portfolio weathered all kinds of ups and downs and gave a return of 17.88% p.a.! Yes, Mutual fund sahi hai, par long term mein :)

Pls Note: This is not a fund recommendation!

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