We Make Investing - Personalized, Simple 

& Smart.

Products Offered

  • Mutual Funds

  • Government, RBI Bonds

  • Sovereign Gold Bonds

  • Corporate Fixed Deposits

  • Market Linked Debentures (MLDs)

  • Global Equities

  • Alternate Asset Classes like Crypto currency

Services Offered

  • Complete Financial Planning

  • Goal Planning

  • Wealth Management

Simplified Investing

Investing is a pretty complex activity. Nivesh Mitr makes investing extremely simple, so even a 10th grader can understand and invest his money in the right place.

Goal Based Investing

Have dreams? Want to buy a house or go on a foreign vacation? Good news! We have built smart investment portfolios to help fulfil your dream by investing as low as Rs. 2,000/- in them.

Customised to your needs

Intelligent investing goes beyond investing in a 5 star-rated fund.

We understand your requirements and build a customised investment portfolio just for you.

Your eggs in different baskets

We put your money across multiple funds & asset classes to reduce concentration risk and make sure you’re not betting on just one style of investing or fund house.

Continuous Monitoring & Management

Investing is a journey and not a single transaction activity. Putting your money in the right portfolio is just half the job done.  We continuously monitor and rebalance your portfolio as per market scenario to ensure long-term gains. All you have to do is click to approve.

Meet our Founders

B.Tech., MBA Finance
Investing since the past 15 years. He wants to make intelligent investing accessible to all (regardless of the ticket size).

Paresh Gupta

Chartered Accountant (CA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) USA Level 1.
She is working as an investment advisor to clients from varied backgrounds (actor, doctors, army veterans, businessmen) across India.


Arpita Gupta

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