Can I invest through Nivesh Mitr if I don't have Internet Banking?

Yes, you can easily invest without Internet banking too - through NEFT/ RTGS. Visit the branch of your bank and transfer the amount you want to invest to the account of ICCL (Indian Clearing Corporation Ltd), a subsidiary of BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) (Nivesh Mitr uses BSE as payment gateway to execute all your mutual fund transactions). Follow the below steps to invest in mutual funds online without using internet banking.

Step 1

NEFT/ RTGS the amount of investment to the any of the below


  • Account Name: ICCL

  • Account Number: 3922

  • IFSC Code ICIC0000104

  • Account Type: Current

Step 2 -

Execute the investment by logging on Nivesh Mitr and choose the payment mode as "By NEFT/ RTGS"

Step 3

After executing the investment, 

  • You will receive an email from BSE Star MF (on your registered email ID). Click on the link of “Check orders and make payment”

  • Select the investments you want to make the payment for.

  • Under Bank details, instead of Nodal account, select NEFT/ RTGS

  • In the next field, input UTR number (NEFT/ RTGS confirmation number received from your bank).

  • Check the “Total amount to be paid” – should match the amount transferred through NEFT/ RTGS

  • Click on “Initiate payment”

  • Done. Sit back and relax, your amount has been invested.


How to add biller for Starting ISIP (Internet Banking based mandate)

To activate ISIP (Internet banking based mandate) you need to add BSE as biller in your internet banking. Once done, the mandate will be activated within 3-4 working days and you can set up SIPs successfully then.


Here are the steps to add biller in some of the popular banks - 


Axis Bank




Yes Bank

Axis Bank


Step 1: Click on Pay Bills

Step 2: Click Add New Biller

Step 3: Select Mutual Funds & BSE Limited

Step 4: Add the URN (generated while creating mandate on NiveshMitr.com) and select the options as show below -



Step 1: Click Bill Pay & Recharge

Step 2: Click on Mutual Funds

Step 3: Click on BSE Limited

Step 4: Add the URN (as generated on NiveshMitr.com) and other essentials (Nickname can be anything of your choice)



Step 1: Select PAYMENT & TRANSFER and select BILL PAYMENTS

Step 2: Click REGISTER under PAY NEW BILLS section

Step 3: Select Mutual Funds

Step 4: Select BSE ISIP# and click REGISTER

Step 5: Add the URN and select the options as shown below


SBI Bank

Step 1: Click Bill Payments

Step 2: Click Manage Biller

Step 3: Click Add

Step 4: Select Biller as BSE Limited

Step 5: Add the URN (Mandate ID generated on NiveshMitr.com) and select the options as shown below


Yes Bank

Step 1: Click Bill Pay. Click on Add Biller

Step 2: Choose National and select BSE Limited

Step 3: Add the URN and select the options as below

Step 4: Click on Confirm.

Step 5: Success. You're done.

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