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Building a Portfolio of 100 Crore in 25 Years or 10 Crore in 10 years

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

NM Billionaire Portfolio - Exclusive Portfolio - with Limited Access

NM Billionaire Portfolio is formed in consultation with the country's top advisors and wealth managers solely with the objective to create billionaires by generating superior returns (high alpha over market returns).

The portfolio consists of diversified equity mutual fund portfolios and small-cases across market caps and top asset managers of the country, who have consistently delivered a top-quartile performance of over 15% p.a. The portfolio will be rebalanced timely according to market conditions.

  • Underlying Assets - A basket of Mutual Funds (80%) and Small-case (20%) - Rebalanced timely according to markets valuation. Including Indian & Global stocks

  • Minimum Investment Amount - 1 Lakh p.m. or Lumpsum 50 Lakhs

  • Rebalancing Frequency - Semi-annually; in a tax-efficient manner

  • Historical Performance of the Portfolio - Top quartile (Performance amongst top 25%, both in bull & bear markets)

Past Performance of NM Billionaire Portfolio

As can be seen in the above table, during market crashes, the portfolio has contained losses (and fallen down lesser than the markets), and during bull runs, it has given substantially high returns than the market.

Please Note: Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns.

NM Billionaire Portfolio - Reaching 10 Crore in 10 Years

NM Billionaire Portfolio - Reaching 100 Crore in 25 Years

Please Note: for the above calculations, we have assumed a CAGR of 15% p.a.

To begin investing in NM Billionaire Portfolio, reach us on -

Whatsapp - +91-91110-06340


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