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Investing in US & Global Markets: Why's, How-to's and FAQs

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Investing is no longer confined to the borders of a country. One can now invest across borders with international trading accounts. One of the first choices while diversifying one’s portfolio geographically is the US Stock Market.

Through Nivesh Mitr's Global Investing Platform, you can invest in 5,500 stocks and ETFs listed on NYSE and NASDAQ directly!

Why Invest in US Markets?

USA is the World's largest economy with access to sunrise themes and companies (not present in India)

Last 1 Year Return, Indian markets gave a return of 61.55%, whereas, companies like Zoom, Tesla have 94% and 400% respectively.

The U.S. equity market is the largest in the world, and home to the biggest corporations on earth. Tesla stock prices saw a 600% increase in 2020. Addition of any of these names on your portfolio gives it a magnitude.


Currency Depreciation adds to the returns of International Equities

The exchange rate for the American Dollar against the Indian Rupee is consistently high. A rise in Dollar price (or depreciation in rupee) is a multiplier on your investment returns.

How to Invest in US Markets

  1. Through Indian Mutual Funds - offering exposure to International Equities

The downside to this option is the limited options, like S&P 500, FAANG Stocks, Nasdaq. However, you can not specifically bet on sunrise themes like Artificial Intelligence, ELectric Vehicles through this route

2. Global Investing Platform by Nivesh Mitr -

Providing access to 5,500 stocks and ETFs listed on NYSE and NASDAQ directly with no limitations at all! Invest in fractional shares, specific themes you are bullish on.

Popular Stacks (Themes) on Nivesh Mitr's Global Investing Platform -

FAQ (Is it permitted, documentation required, bank account, etc.) -


If you want to build an International Equity's portfolio, reach us out on -

Whatsapp - +91-91110-06340

Minimum Investment - USD 2000 (Rs. 1,50,000)


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