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SIP or lumpsum in the current market?

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

We caught up with 2 market experts, one from a Mutual Fund house (Mr. Jinesh Gopani, CIO Equities, Axis Mutual Fund) and the other from a PMS house (Mr. Nilesh Doshi, CEO, Greenlantern Capital PMS) to answer all your questions (all packed in this 3-minute video!) -

(To listen to your specific answers, jump to the time tags mentioned below in front of each question)

  1. Where are markets headed in the next 3-5 years? Are the experts bullish? (00:27)

  2. Next 6 months - what is the view on markets for the next 6 months? (00:52)

  3. Should you invest via SIP or lumpsum in the current markets? (01:17)

  4. What is more attractive? Indian stock market or International markets? (01:26)

  5. Will US, and Europe slide into a recession? (02:05)

  6. Which sectors are looking attractive in the current times? (02:15)

  7. Expectation from NIFTY (02:50)

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