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This theme gave the highest returns in 2020-21. Did you invest in it?

In the last 1 year, it was super-hard to NOT make money in the stock markets.

Investors who bet on Healthcare themed companies/ MFs thinking the sector will be the largest beneficiary of COVID-19 generated a return of 39% but guess who won the jackpot?


Smallcap stocks/ MFs won the jackpot giving a return of 98% during the same time!

This is where the difference lies. The key to investing in equities is not the fund selection, or regular vs. direct, or index funds vs active funds. The key is to spot the right opportunity at the right time! And having an eye to know what's going to perform next.

Did you invest in the top quartile themes/ laggard themes in the last year? Time to release a scorecard for your advisor/ you (in case of direct plans)?

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Minimum Investment Portfolio - Rs.10 Lakhs


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