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Personal Finance Workshop

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A great learning event to help them get smarter with money management skills 

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For 100+ employees

Crystal IT park, Indore

Indore Campus

For 100+ Chartered Accountants

For 250+ faculties

The Workshop Will Talk About


How the value of money decreases every day and what you can do about it.

Why, where and when to invest? Simplifying it to the basics to help you take the right decisions

"If you don't learn to do that, you will work until you die.", said Warren Buffett. 

Achieving dreams

Early retirement at 50 or that perfect house? Let's discuss how can we make it happen!

basics of investing

making money while you sleep

Best Gift you can give to your employees.

Oh and, it is absolutely Free!

We do it absolutely free of cost. All workshop expenses are borne by us. All you've to do is reserve a suitable date & time for your team.


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